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WTF is going on?! Talkin’ current events: SodaStream, the quenelle, Woody Allen & Quebec’s secular charter. At the table: Fred Bohbot, Mireille Silcoff, Jess Salomon & Joseph Rosen. Live @11am 90.3fm in Mtl or podcast it later!

Trial by Rabbi! What happens when a secular Jew buts heads with a gang of angry Hassids in Mile End?

In this piece the author takes us through her “education” as a Jewish girl in Montreal. From class issues, to the Holocaust, to adolescent awkward phases, interfaith dating, bad bar-mitzvah outfits and awful camp experiences, we are privy to a young woman’s struggle with her Jewish identity.

The Holocaust Education Series presents a mini-series on Adolph Eichmann: This film reveals the true story of the love affair between Eichmann’s son and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. The love affair led to Eichmann’s eventual capture by the Mossad.