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It seems that everyone on JDate likes to laugh. I know this, because they make it a point to say “I love to laugh.” Well, here’s a little-known fact about me. I hate laughter. It’s like being stabbed in the ears by a yeti’s penis and having salt poured on the wound afterward. Just brutal.

Justin is Jewish. Natalie is Catholic. Can this interfaith dating couple overcome Justin’s resistance to drinking milk with meat?

The Interfaith Eco-Action Event is an opportunity for Montrealers from all backgrounds and faiths to overcome our differences and unite over a shared concern for our environment by cleaning up our city.

Being Jewish is not a given in these parts, and I’ve watched with both fascination and horror as my daughter has tried to wrap her 5 year old brain around the Bible Belt’s pervasive piety.

Watch this installment of Milk & Meat, where Mel and Nick talk about being in an interfaith relationship.