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Culture or costumes? Mitzvot or mini Mars Bars? Read Jon Selig’s soul searching deliberation over ….Jews for Jack’o’Lanterns. And feel free to leave your comment. Are you or your kids going out for Halloween this year? Is Halloween bad for the Jews?

Come and massacre your favorite tune on Sala Rosa’s stage with uRock this Halloween. If the performances are anywhere near what they were last year, we are in for a bloody hell of a treat!

Are cemeteries the realm of ghosts and scary stories, or of hope, memories and old communities? What happens when we gather at a Jewish gravesite to mourn, pray or reflect? This tour and writing workshop will explore the creation of Jewish spaces in the cemetery.

Franky Burdah’s job is to watch over the bodies of deceased Jews. Find out what it’s like to be a shomer, and, get a personal tour of Paperman’s funeral home.

In celebration of Halloween, of CKUT and of the ghost of Shtetl past, this is one of the very first episodes ever of Shtetl, and one of my favourites, where Rabbi Dov Friedman gives us the shocking, funny and illuminating lowdown on the dark side of the Jewish tradition. It’s A DYBUKS, DEMONS AND JEWISH EXORCISM 101 RADIO SPECIAL.