Shortwave | dybuks & demons 101

Dearest Shtetl on the Shortwave fans,
This is a special week for all who relish the macabre and the spooky.  It also happens to mark three years that Shtetl has been on the air at CKUT. And, to top it all off, it is the Annual CKUT Funding Drive. CKUT has been the warm and cozy home that has nourished and enabled Shtetl to grow into the strong and sassy toddler that she is today.  If you like discovering new Jewish music and checking out old Jewish tunes; meeting thinkers and performers on the cutting edge of Jewish arts and culture and being part of the Shtetl community, please show your support and call CKUT tomorrow on the funding drive pledge line at 514-907-9424. You can also donate anytime simply by going to
In celebration of Halloween, of CKUT and of the ghost of Shtetl past, I put up one of the very first episodes ever of Shtetl, and one of my favourites, where Rabbi Dov Friedman gives us the shocking, funny and illuminating lowdown on the dark side of the Jewish tradition. It’s A DYBUKS, DEMONS AND JEWISH EXORCISM 101 RADIO SPECIAL.   Music on the show by Michael Winograd.

Thanks for listening & Happy Birthday Shtetl!