Shortwave | Next Year in Berlin!

Check out this latest installment in our Shtetl Berlin series.  Next Year In Berlin focuses on Israelis living in the German capital. Click on the play button below to hear our guests hash out the eternal debates: Is Berlin the new “Promised Land”? Where and how should a Jew live? And is it better to pee sitting down or standing up? We’re talking to a few of the many  Israelis who call Berlin home. Why did they come to Berlin? What does the city offer and is it the place for Israelis today? In Next Year in Berlin you’ll hear from choreographer Nir De Volff, journalist Tal Alon, founder of Habait Nirit Bialer, multi-media artist Ola Lewin and theatre director Yael Ronen. This episode also includes a special musical score from Montreal-based Germanophile, Krista Muir (aka Lederhosen Lucil), along with selections from a number of Israeli musicians living in Berlin: Jewdyssee, Ofri Brin, Mary Ocher,  The Young Professionals and more!

(The picture used for this image is from an installation at the interactive DDR Museum in the centre of Berlin all about life in East Germany after the war.  The Communist utopia was apparently about much more than just the standard- work and equality for all, loyalty to the party, and staying cozy behind the wall.  They had nude beaches too!)