Music | Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

First Shtetl on the Shortwave of 2011 is an interview with Berlin-based musician Daniel Kahn who’ll be performing on January 15th at Dorshei Emet Synagogue. If anything’ll get you to shul this year, this concert would be it! (For tickets to Daniel Kahn’s show, call (514) 486-9400 or email

What to expect at the show in Daniel’s own words:

“I will perform a program of new and old songs, in English, Yiddish, and maybe a bit of German and French. I will tell stories,jokes, play accordion, ukulele, harmonica, & piano.  Musically, it will be somewhere between old balladry, new orleans yiddish honky tonk, agnostic prayer, east european blues, indoor klezmer busking, and a freudian comedy routine. I will talk of shipwrecks, wars, borsht, Jewish mothers, being laid-off, winter weather, social weather,homelessness, and vodka. I might even throw in a Cohen tune.”

Music by Daniel Kahn, The Barry Sisters and Leonard Cohen

Here’s to lots of great music and radio in 2011!