Shortwave | Separation Anxiety in the Shtetl










With talk of  Pauline Marois’ secular charter  and German courts banning circumcision ,  there’s lots of separation anxiety in the shtetl these days!

This week we talk with young German Jew Martin Schubert blogger for Jewdyssee about his reaction to the circumcision ruling by a Cologne court this summer.

Also, a few words from Matt Hess author of the MGM Bill and  creator of the comic Foreskin Man, the intactivist crusader against evil circumcisers.

And on a lighter note, the Ghetto Shul is back with Montreal’s fist ever Jewish Frosh.

And, Shtetl susses out the reaction to the election of a PQ premier in Quebec with Dan Seligman, anglo leader of “Parti” Pop: “Pour un avenir le fun!”.

Music by Jewdyssee, OPA! and Peaches.

Looking forward to your feedback everyone! There was some rather provocative content on today’s show, so if you have any questions or comments about any of the choices we made please feel free to share.