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CowJews and Indians; How Hitler Scared My Parents and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse- Owing the Mohawks Rent. Plus, Corinna Rose is live in studio with banjos, autoharps and a whole new album!

Chick Pickin’ Mondays is a weekly event that showcases local female musicians and is hosted by Corinna Rose.

Corinna Rose is the stage name of the banjo-wielding folk-rock troubadour Corey Gulkin. She is playing with Bent By Elephants in Montreal before embarking on a cross-Canada tour to promote her EP.

Check out Montreal based Corinna Rose, a folk singer/songwriter. Wielding a banjo and guitar, she tells stories of nostalgia, the countryside and old friends.

This week the sultry Corinna Rose band performs live on Shtetl. Also on the show is Avia Moore, director of “The Dybbuk” at Sala Rossa this month, and, we’ll chat with Stephen about… what it’s like to be a Bronfman.