Shortwave | Dybbuks, Bronfmans and Corinna Rose

Tune in to Shtetl on the Shortwave for this week’s packed show all about Jewish arts and culture happening off the beaten path in Montreal.  Avia Moore is the director of The Dybbuk, a hip new interpretation of an old Yiddish tale  about haunted love. Think Romeo and Juliet in the shtetl with an element of the supernatural thrown in.  Avia will also be a symposium speaker at this year’s 2nd International Yiddish Theatre Festival.

Corinna Rose (lead singer Corey Gulkin pictured left) performs live in the Shtetl CKUT studio. Check out their sweet and sultry sound on Shtetl and then later that night when they play at the Barfly.

And last but not least, as a preview to this mysterious LeMood event that everyone is talking about, Shtetl speaks with Stephen Bronfman about….what it’s like to be a Bronfman.