Shortwave | New Jewish Culture In Poland

There is an exciting and complicated revival of Jewish culture happening in Poland today. This summer, Evelyn Tauben traveled to the land of the shtetl  and interviewed some of the people involved in this vibrant scene.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to hear sounds and voices from the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow featured in this week’s podcast!

Featured interviews with:
Frank London, Janusz Makuch, David Krakauer, Magda Koralewska, Krzysztof Czubacki, Jakub Nowakowski and Klaudia Klimik.

Music:  Alte Zachen,  Dirty Honkers, Nine Stiller and David Krakauer with Sinfonietta Cracovia performing Robert Starer’s “Rikidium”.


A Glimpse of Poland (photos courtesy of Evelyn Tauben & The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow).

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