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Graphic novelist and Holocaust survivor Miriam Katin’s son wants her to help him get European citizenship from Hungary so he can move to Germany and be with his girlfriend. What to do?

Have you heard the one about the boy born in New York to two deaf Orthodox Jewish parents, who gets taken on a vacation to Oakland by his mother and ends up in and out of therapy, addicted to drugs, and becoming a criminal to feed his habit? Moshe Kasher’s memories of youth are dark, raw, hopeful and hilarious.

Howard Adler is Jewish and Indigenous (Anishinaabe). Read What I Learned in School, Guilt Shirt and Cold Feet a sampling of his award-winning poetry. And, watch Honour Song, a short video honouring Native Americans who fought in WWII.

Nathan Adler is an Ojibway/Jewish writer and artist. Read his poetry here, and take a look at Flying Bird and Dinosaur Wings, his works of visual art. Nathan is a member of the Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation.

My dear mother had received a telegram stating that our beloved ninth-cousin-twice-removed Shlomo Hammerstein had passed away at the age of 102, in Wheatland, Wyoming. My mother, saint that she is, threw the note in the garbage.

Sit back and read Beverly Akerman’s touching tale of family life in Montreal through the eyes of Karen, a young girl who notices every detail. This is a story from The Meaning of Children, Akerman’s Giller-nominated book of short fiction.

There is no shortage of male bonding road trip novels, but Norman Ravvin’s The Joyful Child might just be the first story about a grown man on the road with a four-year-old.

Comics have not always been taken seriously as an art form because of their emphasis on super heroics and world saving. The art in Graphic Details reveals the superpowers we use just surviving day-to-day living.