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Yiddish Fight Club?! and Joni Mitchell love fest today on Shtetl.

Eddy Portnoy shares tales of bizarre and tragic suicides in the Yiddish Press. Montrealer and atheist Tevya Heller talks about seeking the divine on TV, and Palestinian comedian Eman finds what’s funny about Jews and Muslims.

If, for instance, you need to hip check your rabbi or, if you feel an unquenchable desire to bitch-slap the cantor, there is a uniquely Jewish vocabulary of which you can avail yourself.

This week Shtetl on the Shortwave has “A hant untern kleydl” (A hand up the dress)! Tune in and find out about two bohemian Yiddish puppeteers, Zuni Maud and Yosl Cutler, from New York’s Lower East Side in the 1920s and ’30s.