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“We were walking down the street on our way to the pharmacy to pick up condoms when the whiff of spicy Los Angeles street meat hit us.” A tale of pork and dating by Dvora Meyers.

“That puny Persian potato has nothing on my latka.” -Competitor at Shtetl’s latka (Jewish) vs. kuku (Iranian) cook-off. Judges:Billy (Monastiraki), Atigh (La Khaima), Khalifah, and The Mile-End Teenage Tasting Society.

Perplexed about the Jewish turnover of Turkish descent? Let Katherine Romanow take you inside Montreal’s bakeries for Shtetl’s guide to the best borekas in town.

Is Montreal food sexier? One rabbi with a foodograghic memory, is haunted by visions of poutine and other local cuisine. Writing from Providence (Rhode Island), ex-Montrealer Rabbi Rackover, bemoans the lack of the erotic in the American diet.

Celebrating Passover Maroccan-style with Agneau de Pruneaux (Lamb with Prunes) and Mufleta.