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Tremor Fantasma by Ladino indie-rockers Deleon- is an audio experience that can only be described as a melting pot of the world’s Sephardic communities on vacation in modern-day Mexico City.

Neev, humoriste québecois d’origine marocaine et française, voyage avec aisances à travers diverses cultures, accents, moeurs et folies. Ne manquez pas ces prochains show au Couscous Comedy Show et au Cabaret Mado!

Mostly when you think of ‘Jewish Food’ you think gefilte fish (what is actually in those guys anyways?) and matzoh balls. Come learn about the untapped world of Sephardic Jewish cooking, with dishes from the Jews of Turkey, Rhodes, and Tunisia.

Celebrating Passover Maroccan-style with Agneau de Pruneaux (Lamb with Prunes) and Mufleta.

Comedian Neev gives us the lowdown on what’s funny about being an African, Sephardic Jew in Quebec and Stephane Waffo tells us about Touki: a website for all things African in Montreal and about his relationship to the Jewish community in La Belle Province.