Shortwave | WTF! I’m Jewish. Now what?

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What is a Yid-life crisis? Find out what happens when a Jew in Quebec starts questioning life. Should we fast on Yom Kippur? If we eat the gravy separate from the cheese curds- does that make our poutine kosher? If we decide to stop being an Orthodox Jew…who should we hang out with now?

On this episode of Shtetl meet Jamie Elman & Eli Batalion creators of the web series YidLife Crisis.  Full-on Montreal food porn. Full-on neurotic, and fully in Yiddish.  Series launch and party Dec 11th.

We also talk with another Jew who asked himself a few questions that led to big life changes.  Mendy Pape was an Orthodox Jew and a rabbi no less.  He left that world and is now helping other ex-religious Montrealers adjust to life on the secular side.

Tune in for great radio and music by the amazing Barry Sisters. (R.I.P. Claire Barry).  To round it all off, we’re giving away tickets to the Matisyahu concert happening on Dec 15th in Montreal. If ever a Jew had a public Yidlife crisis…