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The topic for this evening will be Science: Stories of discovery and genius.

Confabulation is a storytelling series hosted by Matt Goldberg. Just in time for the holidays, stories will be presented under the broad theme of family. Check it out at Mainline Theatre.

A yarn is no ordinary story, it’s a long blithering on, implausible account of… well, probably just going to the store to buy milk. This is the second edition of Yarn, which will include some great writers, comedians and improvisors.

Shtetl, Frid. Nov, 18th: They don’t draw inside the community lines. They’re musical, creative, from Orthodox families, political, pissed off…they’re Punk Jews! Also, are you OBSESSED. Tally Abecassis tells us about her awesome storytelling night: This Really Happened. The theme? Obsessions.