Shortwave | Punk Jews on Shtetl

They’re Jews who don’t colour inside the community lines.  They’re musical, creative, political, they’re from Orthodox families, they design haute couture out of prayer shawls, they scream on stage…they are Punk Jews and will be featured at LeMood this Nov 28th in Montreal. Interview with Evan Kleinman, Producer of the Punk Jews documentary.

Also on the show, the most obsessive woman in all of Quebec: Tally Abecassis.  She’s a filmmaker, tv producer and creator and host of This Really Happened, a live storytelling soiree in Montreal.  The theme for the December 6th show is obsessions.  Are you obsessed? With anything? Then submit your story; share that neurosis for all the world to hear. And don’t miss Daisy Goldstein tell the classic “This Really Happened” story about how her father lived a double life:  Jewish by day,  Italian by night…. live on Shtetl.

Tune in live or download later…and as always, lots of great music.