Shortwave | Cannabis Matzo Balls

On thisĀ episode of Shtetl meet Jeff the 420 Chef. His pot Shabbat dinners and his cannabis cookies will inspire you to bake and get baked.

And two young women in France have created an art pilgrimage to bring Parisians on a journey to both Israel and Palestine. Who will be there? Why are they doing this? What do they hope this festival will bring to the people who attend? It’s called the “Off-the-Wall Pilgrimage” or “Pelerinage en Decalage”

Tune in to Shtetl on the Shortwave at 11AM this Friday to get a little high and maybe even a little inspired.

Music by Kid Loco, Lederhosen Lucil, Country Joe and The Fish (Don’t Bogart that Joint), Chronic Clan, Luna Abu Nasr, Riff Cohen and System Ali.