Shortwave | Sayed Kashua on Shtetl

For the past 25 years beloved author Sayed Kashua has written in Hebrew about his experience as an Arab Palestinian living in Israel. Through his column in Ha’aretz newpsaper, his many novels and his hit TV sitcom Avoda Aravit (Arab Labour), he expresses the story of being Arab and trying to fit in to a Jewish state.
Stream this episode here or download it from iTunes  to hear about Kashua’s experience- especially now that he has spent the last year in the United States. 

And, Check out Sayed Kashua’s talk this June 15th at 7PM at Moyse Hall Theatre, on Mcgill Campus in Montreal.  You can register in advance for tickets by going to

Music on this episode by Leonard Cohen, Haya Zaayat, Kid Loco and Krista Muir.