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Do you hate nationalism? You’ll be even more disgusted by it after you watch artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s “Shit Instead of Blood” video. It’s political satire but the Israeli government is not laughing.

A TelAviv – Istanbul Music fest, a Jerusalem basement for klezmer & revolution, South Tel Aviv, the spiritual miracle of hemorrhoid cream, a dance Marathon and great music on Shtetl Middle East.

Cannabis cookies and pot Shabbat, plus, an art pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine…a Paris.

A Palestinian and Israeli settler in the West Bank talk about finding solutions in an area steeped in conflict. Plus, Canadian performance artist and witch doctor Michael Dudeck.

Satrangi, which means rainbow in Hindi, explores the kinds of light that come around this time of the year. Montreal has many faiths that celebrate light. Satrangi at Infinite Theatre is a mulit-faith, mulit-media dance extravaganza.

MemorySpace: private memories, public histories is a multimedia exhibition produced and curated with seniors which aims to ask questions about space, neighbourhoods histories, cities, and the intersections of public and private space.

An intricate temple is built at Burning Man each year to house the offerings of all those who spend the week at the festival. On the last night all the offerings and the temple are burned. Montrealer Alain Starosta’s photos capture this year’s temple and it’s destruction.

Founded in 1994 by a group of artists, Images des Femmes gives a unique platform to artists in the Mile End. They are holding the 18th edition of their exposition of art on International Women’s Day.

Comics have not always been taken seriously as an art form because of their emphasis on super heroics and world saving. The art in Graphic Details reveals the superpowers we use just surviving day-to-day living.