Shortwave | Up Against the Wall

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So many walls on today’s show. The Western Wall. The Separation Wall. Stonewall?!  Come with Shtetl to Jerusalem (East and West), to a cafe in Tel Aviv, to Ramallah.  British comedian Mark Thomas talks about his long walk along what some call the separation wall, others the security barrier and some the apartheid wall.  Drag queen, model and cook Karam Dadu  is a young gay Arab guy living in Tel Aviv,  and author Yiscah Smith has had a moving experience going from one side of the Western Wall to the other since her transition from being a religious man to becoming a religious Jewish woman.

So many opinions, perspectives and experiences. All in this one tiny spot of land. Please let us know your thoughts and reactions. And thanks for tuning in to the second episode of Shtetl Middle East!

Great music on today’s show by Efrat Gosh, Asaf Avidan, Maysaa Kara and Victoria Hanna and Krista Muir (Shtetl theme song). Photo of Karam Dadu giving the finger by Koby Ben Shushan. (Bonus track on the podcast by Yael Naim: She was a Boy. Of course!)

For pictures and thoughts on Shtetl’s time in Israel and Palestine check out

Todah. Shukran. Thanks for tuning in!