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February-August 2012

Come grow with us by applying to be part of The Green Kippah movement!

Who we are: The Green Kippah Collective is looking to sprout a diverse community of creative people (business and social entrepreneurs, movers and shakers, inventors, artists and recent graduates) who are interested in exploring the intersection of progressive Jewish identity, food and the environment. We are a youth-led movement interested in transformative, innovative and collaborative leadership and learning experiences. Together, we will create the first Jewish rooftop garden in Montreal with the intention of serving our community and impacting our world.

Why join The Green Kippah Collective?
Do you know how the sense of relief you feel after graduating is quickly replaced by the fear of what you will actually be doing with your life? Feeling adrift without interesting prospects in Montreal, you may resort to one of the following solutions: pack your travel bag and buy a one-way ticket out of the country; complete another degree secretly hoping you can be a perpetual student; take an uninspiring job where you spend most of your time on Facebook. And if all else fails, you can move to Toronto.

What if you met other people in Montreal who were also searching for their place and purpose? What if you had a supportive community of peers with whom you could explore your passion for sustainability, food and the environment? The Green Kippah Collective is a safe place to wrestle with your Jewish identity while getting involved in inspiring hands-on opportunities sprouting up in the city. Immerse yourself in the first Jewish rooftop garden where you can simultaneously lead, learn and grow.
Sound inspiring? Want to grow with us?

We are seeking: Up to 30 collective members who are curious and/or passionate about community building; education; environment; food and social justice work; intentional living; urban farming, and how all of the above relates to Judaism. These collective members have flexible schedules, and can commit to monthly meetings and conference calls between February-August 2012. Members will also be part of collaborating with other community groups while envisioning and creating the small rooftop teaching garden that will be built in the summer of 2012.

Our Mission:

Transform a stark urban space into a vibrant community garden to help service disadvantaged members of the community, build leadership and strong skill-sets in recently graduated Montrealers, and foster inter-generational exchanges within the Jewish community.

Our Vision:

Our updated vision is to create a diverse, collaborative and productive community who can work together to build a sustainable food system. We will produce healthy food for disadvantaged members of the community, provide youth leadership and educational opportunities, while creating a space for inter-generational and inter-cultural exchange, all of which inspire others to impact their own lives and communities.

If you are interested in being involved in the movement,