Events | The Struggle for Memory: Documentary Filmmaking, Survivors, and the Holocaust

Wednesday, March 14,  2012. 2:30 pm

What are some of the creative challenges and moral issues faced when making films about the Holocaust? Over the past 15 years, Montreal-born, Toronto-based filmmaker David Kaufman has produced and directed three major documentaries touching on different aspects of Jewish experience during the Second World War. Using illustrations from his films about Kristallnacht, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and the Lodz Ghetto, Mr. Kaufman will discuss the special imperatives of documenting the Holocaust and preserving its memory in the few remaining years when there are elderly survivors and witnesses still alive and able to speak of their experiences.

Co-Sponsored by McGill Jewish Studies and the Kleinmann Family Foundation.

Leacock Building, McGill University Campus, room 232

Free admission. All are welcome.

Documentary Directed by Kaufman

One of Kaufman’s films, Songs of the Lodz Ghetto, documents the history of the second largest ghetto created by the Nazis in occupied Poland.