Events | Seeking Refuge: A Discussion

Thursday, November 3, 2011. 7:00 p.m.

Leading up to and during the Holocaust, Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis sought refuge from persecution in Canada. Most were turned away. At the time, the government tried to discredit these asylum seekers as frauds and economic opportunists and warned that if they were allowed in, more Jews from Europe would follow. Many of those turned away subsequently perished in Nazi death camps.

Today, Canada receives about 30,000 asylum seekers a year. Join this discussion on how Canada’s processes for handling asylum claims have changed since the Holocaust. Rivka Augenfeld, member of the executive of the Canadian Council for Refugees, Rick Goldman, Coordinator of the Committee to Aid Refugees, and two refugees who will share their experience.

Hosted by Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre, in partnership with STAND McGill

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Galerie Armatta, 3255, rue St-Jacques