Shortwave | black sabbath & daniel isaiah schachter

It’s unbelievable! Black Sabbath on Shtetl. But….why? Well, ’cause it’s not that Black Sabbath. Tune in to Shtetl on the Shortwave and learn about “The secret music history of Black-Jewish relations”.  Did you know that Cab Calloway recorded in Yiddish?  That Nina Simone recorded in Hebrew? Me neither. But Josh Kun of the Idelsohn Society knows all about it.

Also, live in the studio is up-and-coming Montreal musician Daniel Isaiah Schachter. Schachter is also a filmmaker and he played at Osheaga this summer. So he’s pretty hot, and you can catch him at The Divan Orange playing music off his new album on January 6th.

It’s all about music for this last episode of Shtetl in 2010.
Chappy Cholidays and thanks for tuning in this year!