Shortwave | peaches in the shtetl

This week Shtetl on the Shortwave brings you Jews makin’ music. To start we have DJ and producer Erez Safar a.k.a Diwon, talking about The 5th Annual Sephardic Music Festival happening in New York this month. Then, we’ll hear from very spiritual, very gender-bending, hip hop electro pop diva Merril Nisker, aka PEACHES. That’s right. Peaches has recorded with and influenced folks from Iggy Pop to Madonna. She’s a Yid from Toronto and she’s really not afraid to do or say anything. i.e.: If profanity is not your thing….Peaches is on tour with her new album I Feel Cream and Shtetl caught up with her before her show at Metropolis. Music from Di Heyse Yiddenes, Pharoah’s Daughter, Electro Morocco, Yair Dalal, Smadar, The Barry Sisters and Peaches. There’s something for all tastes in the Shtetl this week. So thanks for tuning in!