Shortwave | laughing in ladino

This week Shtetl talks to Israeli singer Yasmin Levy, “the soul of Sephardic music”. Yasmin is 33, but her music comes from centuries ago in Spain. Many of the songs she sings were painstakingly collected by her late father, Isaac Levy, born in Turkey in 1919. She is one of the few international world music stars today who sings in Ladino. Her music- infused with Flamenco, Turkish and Arabic influences- is beautiful, if not a little gut-wrenching. Talking to Yasmin is a little like hanging out with a Pedro Almodovar character… Also, if you’re looking for some serious fun, tune in and learn about the science of laughter. On the second half of Shtetl we talk with Albert Neremberg about his new documentary Laughology.
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