Shortwave | jews invited to mali

For the first time ever, a Jewish band has been invited to perform at the world renowned Festival in the Desert in Mali…a predominantly Islamic country where Judaism had been outlawed for hundreds of years. Jeremiah Lockwood, lead singer of The Sway Machinery ,will be on the show to tell us how it came to pass that his band is going to the famous Touareg festival this January.
We will also take a moment to commemorate two days which miraculously intersect tomorrow, December 19th: The last day of Chanukah and the last day of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. At the heart of both is the miracle…and maybe the curse, of oil. Perfect timing to talk with Montreal director Shannon Walsh about her new documentary H2OIL which looks at the sticky issue of Canada’s tar sands.
Music by Tinariwan, Habib Koite, Jacob Konigsberg, The Barry Sisters, Honore Singer, Jewlia Eisenberg, Sidor Belarsky, The Sway Machinery, and, of course, the Dreidle Song.
Chappy Chappy Chanukah!