Shortwave | The “F” Word on Shtetl

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Malala just won the Nobel for bravely encouraging education for girls. This week Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist critic of video games, had her talk at an American university cancelled after she and the school were threatened with a Montreal-style massacre through an anonymous email threat.

So, this week felt like a good time to talk more about feminism on Shtetl.

On this episode we have students Haley Firkser and Yasmine Filali Baba– the founding members of Concordia University’s first Muslim-Jewish Feminist Alliance.

And to talk about what people are calling #gamergate and the subject of women in the video game world, we have Will Robinson¬†a PhD student at Concordia University’s Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games, and Miriam Verburg; a seasoned game designer (and a woman!), and an occasional comedian and storyteller.

Music on the show in this order:  Shtetl theme song by Krista Muir, Kid Loco, Epichorus, Drusel White & Larry Delaney,  Profeti della Quinta (Israeli quintet singing Jewish music from 16th century Italy and performing this Monday at Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal.)

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