Shortwave | Illustrating Russian Rights

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Disturbed by the new Gay Propoganda law in Russia? So was Montrealer Anna Goodson, so she put a call out to illustrators to design images in solidarity with LGBT rights including the one we used for this week’s show by Marie Lafrance. Check ’em out!

Find out why gay journalist and activist James Kirchick was kicked off a Russian news program- and it wasn’t just because of his  rainbow suspenders.

And, what happens when one of the hardest working indie bands in Montreal wants to tour…with a baby. Find out how Thee Silver Mount Zion managed the dicey territory of parenthood and rock ‘n roll in Helene Klodawsky‘s new doc Come Worry With Us.

Music by Opa! Regina Spektor, Jaffa Road, Thee Silver Mt Zion, and  Jaron Freeman-Fox.