Shortwave | shtetl has racial fever

Dear listeners,You might have guessed that Shtetl is obsessed with her Jewish identity. Is being Jewish a race, a belief system, is it in her genes? Her blood? Her memory? Is her mother Jewish, her great grandfather? Is the fact that she converted to Judaism an issue? Does she have to study Torah? Is it a primordial spark in her soul that makes Shtetl Jewish? Just what does it mean to be considered one of “the tribe”?!! This Friday, November 6th, to get us through this crisis of identity, we thought we’d go for a little analysis with the doctor himself… Freud.Eliza Slavet, who will be speaking at the McGill Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas on November 10th, is our guide. Tune in and hear our discussion about her new book Racial Fever: Freud and the Jewish Question. Music by the Barry Sisters, The Silver Jews, Stereo Total, Jan Peerce and Yasmin Levy. Thanks for listening!
Your stereotypically neurotic host,