Shortwave | Purim Persia Protest!

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It’s Purim! Tel Aviv is all costumes and feathers and streets parties.  It’s a 4 day celebration of something that happened thousands of years ago in Persia.  Meantime, exactly on Purim, Netanyahu is talking Iran in the U.S. Congress again.  The Occupy Wall Street-style tent city of the 2011 Israeli social protests has sprung up again on Rothschild Ave in the city center.



Ronny Lives Iran

Ronny Edry in Israel Loves Iran graphic


On this episode of Shtetl hang out with Ronny Edry, creator of “Israel Loves Iran” at one of Tel Aviv’s popular Iranian restaurants.  Hear sounds from the tent city, election reflections and lots of music.

Hamentashen, arak, feathers, protest and politics from Tel Aviv. Thanks for tuning in to the 4th edition of Shtetl from the Middle East!!

Happy Purim!!
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Music on this episode by Kid Loco, Lederhosen Lucil, Rita, Shye Ben Tzur and The Austin Klezmorin.