Shortwave | Street Scribes of Montreal


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On this episode of Shtetl find out how an Orthodox Jew, Zrey Li, was inspired by other-worldly signs (and a Banksy documentary) to do street art.





Aside from his tsit-tsit (white ritual strings hanging near his pockets) and his extensive experience as a scribe of sacred Jewish texts, Zrey Li‘s like any other street artist out there.  He’s passionate about painting, graffiti, and…the number seven.

Zrey Li (center) and his graffiti helpers

Tune in and find out how “the holy one blessed be (s)he” spoke to Zrey Li (pictured center above) through a chance encounter with a license plate on the streets of  Montreal.


And in other street art news, we talk with Montreal-based, Israeli-born Adida Fallen Angel about his most recent epic installation/oceanic library Water Surrounds Me at The Fresh Paint Gallery in Montreal.

Shtetl theme song by Krista Muir,  Swimming Pool by Patrick Watson, Skate for their Lives by Lederhosen Lucil & Krista Muir, East Flatbush Blues by Andy Statman, Aparicion by Radio Zumbida, Seven Day Dub by King Django, Drinkin in L.A. by Bran Van 3000,  and Go to the River by Yael Naim and The Writing’s on the Wall by Adam Wade.

nb. The main image for this show is of Montreal filmmaker Ara Ball enjoying the Water Surrounds Me installation this past August at the Fresh Paint Gallery.