Shortwave | When Le Mood is…Tense

Shtetl on the Shortwave has been on CKUT for six years now! Wacka wacka! You’re gonna to want to donate to the CKUT funding drive in the name of Shtetl -your favourite indy Jewish radio show because we’re bringing you the most diverse voices you will hear in one hour of Jewish radio as we get  down to the details about this year’s LeMood festival of Jewish arts and culture. We have David Abitbol editor of Jewlicious talking about two young women who he encouraged to leave the “God hates Jews/fags” Westboro Baptist Church, Ayo Oppenheimer the editor of Jewrotica (The Rabbi and the Vibrator??!!), Simja Dujov gypsy-cumbia king from Buenos Aires, and Sharron Gubbay Helfer and Bassam Hajj of the Canadian Palestinian Life Stories Project.

Shtetl is also going to address the controversy surrounding LeMood this year. A session about radical Jews was pulled from the program.  So we’re speaking with writer and radical Jew Sarah Woolf -the session’s moderator, and with Deborah Corber– the CEO of Federation CJA in Montreal to find out why this decision was made. Oy vey!! Donate to Shtetl! Check out the many sides of the Jewish community. Hear great music. Win prizes!

It’s all Friday at 11AM on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal. Enjoy! Donate at Every bit of kessef/gelt/dinero goes to keeping community radio alive and kicking, and is very much appreciated.

Music by Simja Dujov, Shye Ben Tzur, Lucinda Williams and Lou Reed (RIP).