Shortwave | Uncensored: Anne-France Goldwater

Montreal lawyer Anne-France Goldwater was the force behind the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage in Canada, and the now famous Lola vs Eric case about the rights of common law spouses in Quebec.  She’s also an expert on the get and at 52, she has been practicing law for 32 years.  Amongst others, she sites Lenny Bruce as a hero.  She defends women’s rights and also says, “Well I always thought this province was more like Afghanistan … it’s just the drapery that Quebecois women wear over their heads is invisible” when asked if Quebec is as feminist a province as we are reputed to be.  Her Yiddish is kick-ass! She is as powerful as she is controversial. Plus she’s Quebec television’s Jewish anglo answer to Judge Judy.  Her connection to her Jewish-ness and to Quebec are complex.  Tune in to Shtetl to meet Anne-France Goldwater.

Music on the show:  Lola– the Kinks, A Meydel from Berlin- Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird,  Carré Rouge– Yu, My Attorney Bernie– Blossom Dearie, Gypsophilia (In a Shtetl ID), King Django (in a Shtetl ID), and Love Lays Low- Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird.