Shortwave | Mayans, Moshiach & X-Mas for Jews

If the Mayans are right,  moshiach (aka the messiah) will be here tonight!  And this will be the last Shtetl of 2012 and EVER!  In the meantime, get an end-of-times 101 from Prof. Lorenzo DiTomasso  (Dr. of Eschatology at Concordia University). Comedian Robby Hoffman shares her memories of waiting for the moshiach as a little Lubavitch girl in Brooklyn and Matt Goldberg of Confabulation tells us about Christmas at the Goldberg home.

Friends, when the sh*t hits the fan tonight and you find yourself on the other side, and God asks you, “After 5 years of Shtetl on the Shortwave being on air, have you ever liked it on Facebook?” where will you stand?

With our world messed up and basically over, make this your one last meaningful act of goodwill.  Get Shtetl up to 500 likes in celebration of 5 years of alternative Jewish radio!

Also, check out Christmas for Jews in Montreal with the Mile End Chavurah. Chinese food and Woody Allen at the Rialto.

See you on the other side!