Events | Caregivers in the House – Le Mood workshop

Sunday October 14th – Espace RĂ©union (6610 rue Hutchison) – 4 PM – $15 / $20 (le mood day ticket)

Shaina Agbayani, member of the Filipino Solidarity Collective, and Simone Lucas, Jewish activist about town, have collaborated to put together this workshop. It will focus on some of the struggles faced by Filipina women who come to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program, the diverse experiences of Filipinas working for Jewish families, and current collaborations between Jewish and Filipino communities in Montreal. When Jews first immigrated to Montreal in the 20th century, they fought for fair working conditions in the shmata (clothing) factories, and struggled to sustain their families. Today, other cultural-ethnic groups, such as Filipino-Canadians, are struggling to establish themselves in Montreal. Many Filipina women arrive to Canada through the Live in Care Giver Program (LCP), which arranges for them to work for and live with their employer. This has often resulted in close ties between Filipino and Jewish communities. Come to this Le Mood workshop to learn more!

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