Events | New Year’s Cleanse

10 Days of Attunement. A cleanse with Food and Wellness Coach Myrite Rotstein of Tasty Life.

Every religious tradition has a time in the year when adherents are expected to cleanse or fast. Muslims have Ramadan, Catholics have lent, and Mormons fast on the first Sunday of each month. In Jewish tradition we have 10 days between the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah and the fast day on Yom Kippur to cleanse our minds, bodies and spirits as we embark on a new year (even if we’re not in school, Fall is a time of renewal – and when our jobs ramp up again after the summer lull).  Though cleanses are known as being “trendy” they can often be too extreme or lack any support or structure for any inner reflection. By the same token, celebrating Rosh Hashanah and observing Yom Kippur can seem like alienating, “all or nothing” affairs to less connected Jews.

This cleanse aims to make the connection between the High Holy Days and our own modern, secular lives. This cleanse also benefits everyone no matter what your spiritual practice is (or whether you have a spiritual practice at all).

The 10 day cleanse incorporates Jewish principles of the new year with health and well being. Participants would get a healthy diet to follow with accompanying holiday menus planners and recipes.

They would also get lifestyle suggestions and guided reflective questions to look back on their year with compassion instead of judgement along with suggestions for how to eat mindfully during the holidays (so they don’t binge during the break fast!)

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