Events | Neverbloomers: the Search for GrownUphood

Monday, February 27, 2012. 8:00 pm on CBC Documentary Channel.

On the cusp of turning 40, comic filmmaker Sharon Hyman feels like she should have certain external trappings of grownuphood – but she doesn’t. In her eyes, there are early-bloomers, there are late-bloomers, and then there are what she calls Neverbloomers – those of us still waiting for our grownup lives to kick in!

Feeling like the Neverbloomer poster child, Hyman embarks on a “Search for GrownUphood” to ask the question: Does anyone ever really feel like a grownup? And, what does the concept really mean?

She speaks with friends, strangers, taxi drivers, her Hassidic rabbi, her doctors, her alleged mentor – famous filmmaker Peter Wintonick, and of course, her Orthodox Jewish mother. And what she discovers is that we all feel like impostor grownups – at least part of the time.

Possibly the first documentary to tackle the subject of grownuphood head-on, what emerges is a thought-provoking and philosophical dialogue about the meaning of adulthood which ultimately celebrates the Neverbloomer in all of us.

World Broadcast Premiere on “Documentary”