Events | Landscapes – Group Exhibition

Ongoing till December 30, 2011.

This comprehensive exhibition deals with landscape as a theme, and builds bridges between various generations of artists with quiet intelligence and assiduous understanding of what makes good art tick. The show includes a range of artworks by Janieta Eyre, Anselm Kiefer, Ron Martin, David Rabinovich, Leslie Reid, Richard Serra and Monika Weiss.

Central to the Landscape show is a major Anselm Kiefer piece titled The Web of Autumn Runes (2003). Always imbued with historical, mystical and metaphoric connotations, Kiefer’s art builds a landscape of memory, whose potential references include violence, war as well as a potential for healing, for achieving a new balance through it all.

Galerie Samuel Lallouz, 1434 Sherbrooke W., #200

+1 (514) 849-5844