Events | Master Class with Clarinetist Christian Dawid

Monday, December 12, 2011. 6:00 pm

He’s Back! Christian Dawid is an internationally renowned clarinetist in world music and beyond. Drawing from a multitude of influences including classical, jazz and ethnic music, he is known for his work in Yiddish and other East-European styles.

Christian Dawid has performed on many stages in North America, Europe and Japan with a wide array of international bands, as well as his own projects.

All instruments and levels are welcome. The course will explore listening pieces and ritual music, with an in-depth look at phrasing and ornamentation.

The Ghetto Shul, 3458 Avenue du Parc

Admission: $10.

To register and prepay please respond to Rachel Lemisch, via Facebook or email For a private lesson with Mr. Dawid please contact