Events | Films at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

October 12-23, 2011.

The Festival du nouveau cinéma is dedicated to the dissemination and development of new trends in the field of cinema and new media. It offers a springboard for original and largely unseen works, placing emphasis on promoting cinema d’auteur and digital production.

Here are a few films that may be of interest to Shtetl readers…

Amos Gitaï / Israel/France / 2000 / 120 min. / color / original version Hebrew (French s.t.)
13 October, 8:30pm, Cinémathèque – Salle Claude Jutra

In 1973, during the Kippur War, an Israeli helicopter with a first-aid crew is shot down over the Golan Heights. There were seven men aboard, including Amos Gitai. Twenty years later, he meets up with the other crewmembers and returns to the location of the accident. It is a journey towards remembering a trauma and finding the scars it has left on the survivors.

Melting Away
Doron Eran / Israel/Canada / 2010 / 90 min. / color / original version Hebrew (English s.t.)
20 October, 1:15pm, Parallèle and 22 October, 2:45pm, Fellini

A nuanced, heartfelt drama, Melting Away touches on issues of sexuality and identity and how they can play out  in a traditional family.

Le Policier
Nadav Lapid / Israel / 2011 / 105 min. / color / original version Hebrew (French s.t.)
20 October, 7:15pm, Cineplex Odéon Quartier Latin – salle 10, and 22 October, 12:30pm, Fellini.

An elite antiterrorist unit spends time engaging in manly activities while a radical left-wing activist group tries to create a new social order. A brilliant evocation of the complexity of Israeli society.