Shortwave | Hockey and Horror on Shtetl

Meet Ari Cohen, director of The Uluit: Champions of the North – a documentary t.v. series about the trials, tribulations and victories of an all-women’s Inuit hockey team in Nunavik, a community of 1500 people in Northern Quebec.  The Uluit screens  Friday, August 5th-  6:30 PM at the NFB for Montreal’s First Peoples’ Festival.

Also live in the studio we`ll have the two directors behind Rabies, the first-ever slasher flick out of Israel!  Meet the horrifying Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales. They might seem sweet, but you never know what lurks beneath the surface… Their film Rabies screens this Friday at The Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, where all your nightmares do come true!