Shortwave | Matzo Mania!

Put some matzo on the record player and get the party started.  Passover is coming and Montreal has many ways of celebrating the end of slavery  and the arrival of FREEDOM!  This spring take a walk inside 5000 pieces of matzo at artist Melissa Shiff’s incredible Passover Hagada come-to-life:  The Medium is The Matzo.  It’s happening on the Concordia University campus and Shiff will be on Shtetl today to tell us all about what you can expect from this enactment of the Exodus story.

One of the events taking place inside the house that matzo is building is a unique opportunity to hear from an original, passionate and inspiring voice in the world of Jewish rabbis. Rabbi Arthur Waskow is the original Passover activist.  Born in 1933, he has fought plagues such as racism, environmental degradation, war and nuclear power and has become a spiritual guide along the way. Chosen by Newsweek as one of the 50 most influential rabbis in America, Waskow will also be on Shtetl today to give us a taste of who he is, and why you’ll want to come and hear him speak at The Medium is the Matzo on April 24th. (To purchase tickets to hear Rabi Waskow live in Montreal, go to

Music played on the show:  The Real Tuesday Weld, Gypsophilia, Louis Armstrong,  Anakronik Electro Orkestra and The Socalled Seder (Thanks to Josh Dolgin for his cool album cover art which inspired the image for this post.)