Shortwave | SNIP: Why We Circumcise

It finally happened! Over 80 people packed an art gallery in Mile End to talk circumcision. So, what happens when a rabbi: in this case Rabbi Mark Fishman of Beth Tikvah Synagogue, an artist: Melissa Shiff; an adjunct Professor of Jewish Studies at U of T, and an anthropologist: Prof. Joseph Levy from the sexology department at UQAM, get together to talk foreskins?
Tune in to Shtetl at 11 AM today to find out.  Or, download the show, and please, leave your comments, opinions and questions on the website. We’re all curious to hear your POV.  Also, look out for interviews with  author Michael Wex,  Dr. Laurie Radovsky and a mom named Erica in this episode.
One of the most interesting parts of the event on Monday night was the discussion at the end.   People is doin some serious questioning! That will be available next week on the website. I’ll send you a note to let you know when it’s up.
Thanks to everyone who came out, spoke up, volunteered, ate latkes and made brit milah hip for a night. (If not doing it, then at least talking about it!)

May your Chanukah be full of light, lots of gelt, no guilt and many meaningful discussions. A little drinking and dancing can’t hurt either!