Summer Music Special

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It’s been a tough summer but like Michael Franti says, “Everyone deserves music“.  This episode we’ll be playing lots of music featured at this year’s Montreal Jewish Music Festival happening from Aug 24th to August 28th.  Sounds of Iraqi pop, music from Pakistan, from Toronto, New York, Argentina, Yiddish gangster tunes and more. We’ll also have a short interview with Paul Estrin, recently resigned president of the Green Party of Canada who left due to controversy over a blog post he wrote about Gaza on the political party’s page.

Music on this episode by Krista Muir/Lederhosen Lucil (Shtetl theme song),  Orkestar Kriminal, DJ Simja Dujov, Lenka Lichtenberg & Yair Dalal, Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis, Forshpil, Lemon Bucket Orchestra and Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird. For more info about the festival


One Response to Summer Music Special

  1. Loved the music, as usual – all of it. Hot and cold about your guest, though you did a good job of staying neutral. My girls loved hearing their favourite auntie on the radio!

    Looking forward to more good tunes and discourse from the Shtetl.


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