Justin Trudeau, Ferguson & Veggie Oil Road Trips

It’s Chanukah, that time of year when Jews slather themselves in oil and wrestle their neighbours for donuts and chocolate money. For Shtetl’s last show of 2014 we’re going to shed a bit of light on some heavy issues.

Justin Trudeau finally explains the true meaning of Chanukah and also how he feels about the oil sands.  Norwegian Julie Strand Offerdahl drives across Canada- from Montreal to Fort McMurray in a truck that runs on used vegetable oil.  And feisty writer Manishtana talks about being Black & Jewish and how this has shaped his perspective on post-Ferguson USA.

Chappy Chanukah and thanks for making Shtetl your home for alternative Jewish arts and culture!   Wishing all the Shtetl fans out there a peaceful holiday season full of bright moments, maybe a few drunken moments, lots of reflection and tons of love.

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Music on this episode: Kid Loco, Krista Muir (Shtetl theme song), Flory Jagoda (Ocho Kandelikas), Crededence Clearwater Revival (Light a Candle), Eran Barron Cohen (Dreidl).


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