DJ Etai from Dimona

DJ from Dimona

Who are the Hebrew Israelites? Meet Etai Darway. He left the community and works as a DJ in Tel Aviv. Etai gives us the lowdown on a community that followed their leader from the U.S. to Africa and then to the desert of the “Promised Land”. What do they believe? Are they Jewish? Christian? African American? African?  And check out  the gospel music from the Israelites here in Dimona which Etai often plays during his set at clubs in Tel Aviv.

Dearest radio lover, please click here to stream this episode of Shtetl Middle East! Or, listen live at 11AM in Montreal on CKUT 90.3 FM.

All music on this episode by the Hebrew Israelites of Dimona, plus Kid Loco, and the Shtetl theme song by Lederhosen Lucil/Krista Muir.

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