Sami Elmaghrebi

Who is Samy Elmaghribi?

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Jews singing in Arabic. Arabs singing in Hebrew. Religious right wing politicians joining Arab-Jewish parties. Moroccan music royalty. Today on Shtetl meet Avraham Burg: “Zionist aristocrat” or is he “anti-Zionist”? Discover the music of Samy Elmaghribi: a Moroccan legend who sang in the King’s palace, lived in Montreal, was buried here in Israel. Ideas from right, left and center. Music from Tel Aviv, Morocco, Israel & Palestine. Radio with heart from the holy moly land. Trying to keep all the stories of this place in one audio recorder. Israel & Palestine. Ze lo pashut. Not easy. Pas facile.  But always interesting!

Music by Kid Loco, Lederhosen Lucil, Calexico, Samy Elmaghribi, Liz Maman & Luna Abu Nasser.

One Response to Who is Samy Elmaghribi?

  1. Peace in the Middle east is possible! So glad to hear the interview with Avraham Burg: how can people get out of a place of fear and get to where what he stands for is natural? Maybe by looking in that old suitcase up in the attic, as suggests Sami Elmaghribi’s granddaughter. And that last piece by Luna Abu Nasser was perfect, and beautiful.

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