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Dudu Tassa brings Iraqi pop to Montreal for The Montreal Jewish Music Festival.

Mostly tons of unexpected Jewish music, and a little talk with former president of Green Party of Canada re.: Gaza/Israel. But mostly music!

A choir at a bar worshipping pop music in downtown Toronto with Nobu and Daveed as fearless leaders & KlezKanada finally turns 18. Party!!

Live interview from Mexico with Dan Saks lead singer of Ladino (aka Judeo-Espagnol) indie rock band Deleon.They’ve toured with Balkan Beat Box, Ozomatli, Os Mutantes and Gogol Bordello. Plus tons more Jewtunes for you. And an interview with Qawwali singer Shy Ben Tzur.

Ronit Avni speaks about her new documentary Budrus (Israelis & Palestinians stand together to peacefully protest the Israeli security barrier) + great music from The Montreal Jewish Music Festival and the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto.