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Susan Moss is an institution in Montreal’s indie photography and music scene. She’s the main photographer at Osheaga music fest and she gets great shots cause she’s pushy as hell! (But pushy in a good way).

Images of a nomadic youth subculture, the eviction of Settlers from Gaza, of Indigenous rituals from Venezuela and of her father Rabbi Ronnie Cahana. Young photographer Kitra Cahana is making it big. Check her and her evocative work out here!

Read Jessica Mensch’s interview with comic artist R.M.H. Where does R.M.H. get her inspiration for the gory, absurd scenes she depicts? From nature? Sci-fi? Her cannibalistic hamster, perhaps?

In the spirit of Purim, Shtetl decided to approach C.J. Goldman, mask and monster-maker, artist and creator of wrinkles, wounds and whatever else you can think of.