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On Saturday, December 24th join the Mile End Chavurah at Luck Hop Foo for a first-ever celebration of… X-mas for Jews. A lesser known holiday, X-mas for Jews (generally featuring a combination of Chinese food and low-brow cinema) has gained significant mainstream recognition over the past half-century. Click for more info.

Comedian Jake Freakin Smith of indie band Lakes of Canada is also a choir boy at Shaar Hashomayim synagogue in Montreal. And what does he think about while singing from the bima? Also, find out about a unique Judeo-Quebecois delicacy called poutka. Chanukah will never taste the same!

Eddy Portnoy shares tales of bizarre and tragic suicides in the Yiddish Press. Montrealer and atheist Tevya Heller talks about seeking the divine on TV, and Palestinian comedian Eman finds what’s funny about Jews and Muslims.

Come and massacre your favorite tune on Sala Rosa’s stage with uRock this Halloween. If the performances are anywhere near what they were last year, we are in for a bloody hell of a treat!

Please send in your stories, poems, images, etc. in response to the following question: What have your ancestors taught you about the relationship between beauty and home? To read more info on Devora Neumark’s Sukkot-related project, click on this event.

Check out Montreal’s 2nd Jewish Music Festival at venues all around the city. Includes Hassidic New Wave, African Hassidic fusion and more.

Use one side of a blank 4” X 6” postcard as your canvas. Draw. Print. Cut & Paste. Write your secret anonymously. Stamp and mail your secret postcard in an envelope addressed to: Signed, Anonymous 6897 Cote St Luc CP …

Get inspired.  Get crafty.  Mail in your own Signed, Anonymous secret postcard art.  (The examples below are taken from Frank Warren’s Post Secret site.)

Psst…You’re invited to “Signed,Anonymous” an exhibit of secret postcard art that reveals a desire, confession, belief, disbelief, regret, fear or embarrassment. Come by for a session of Jews on the Couch and win tickets to SoCalled’s POP Montreal play “The Season”

With more than 50 sessions to choose from, Le Mood Montreal offers a hard-hitting line-up of engaging sessions that present alternative perspectives on Jewish traditions. The day long happening features Montreal’s most dynamic performers, personalities and Jewish educators.