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The Kinkster is Coming! The Kinkster is Coming! It’s the Bi-Polar Tour!

Check out KlezKanada’s line-up of international and local performers. The evening program includes OPA!, a klezmer-ska-punk party from St. Petersburg and an evening of Yiddishkayt from Buenos Aires.

Discover a unique style of Hatha flow yoga that fuses the ancient mysticism of Kabalah with the practice of yoga. Audi Gozlan, founder of Kabalah Yoga, teaches a flow practice where you shape your body into Hebrew letters to spell positive messages for the body and mind to internalize.

Combining elements of punk, gypsy music, and Brechtian cabaret, Gogol Bordello tells the story of New York’s immigrant diaspora through debauchery, humor, and surreal costumes.

“Three Millenia of Poetic Subversion,” hosted by Adeena Karasick and Jake Marmer. Workshops themes include: the ecstatic tradition of poetry-prophecy; Talmud and its dialectic-semiotic heritage; Uncreative Writing; Kabbalistic language experimentsJazz/Klezmer Poetry; Yiddish voices; — and much more!

Un atelier présenté dans le cadre du Salon du Livre Anarchiste de Montréal. Vous êtes invités à apprendre sur les luttes anarchistes à Montréal, de partager vos moments préférés de l’histoire radicale, et de discuter l’avenir.

Remember Jake Frickin’ Smith’s song Young Hot Jewish Girl? His band, Lakes of Canada, are launching their new album, ‘Toll the Bell’ at Il Motore this Saturday.

A very rare Quebec appearance outside Montreal for this shining star of the post-rock constellation. Silver Mt. Zion will be performing new songs alongside selections from their vast back catalog.

Brand new work by John Zorn at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville. Zorn will play a varied suite of mystically inspired lyrical compositions arranged for different permutations of an all-star ensemble.

Friends of Hutchison is the very first community group in which Hasidim and non-Hasidim neighbours get together. They are inviting friends and neighbours to their first public gathering.